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omar faruk
31 lip 2022
In Ogólne dyskusje
Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kuo-yu's recall vote was officially passed, with 42% of the votes Over 930,000 votes in favor crushed more than 20,000 in opposition. If he does not file a lawsuit to invalidate the recall, a by-election will be held in mid-September this year, and the 530-day "Korean Wave Revolt" will finally subside. Kaohsiung City There will be a chance to regain the lost sense of city glory again. Rumored, light promises and little faith, future politics can no longer "let you play for four years" Judging from whatsapp database the voting results alone, before this, no local county or city head has ever been dismissed due to recall. The success of the dismissal has made Han Guoyu famous in history. Higher than the number of votes elected in 2018, the citizens of Kaohsiung have created the Korean Yu Barrier", and I am afraid that there will be no later comers; at the same time, the success of the recall has produced a spillover effect, warning the current and future politicians, even if it is "a rare event in a century." "Political wizards" must listen to public opinion and be humble! This time, the citizens of Kaohsiung successfully dismissed an inappropriate mayor, Showing that the people have the right to take back their power at any time, and the significance to the deepening of democracy is self-evident. Of course, the success of removing Korea also has deep meanings. Elections and voting have always been the main symbol of democracy. People vote for candidates who can be trusted. Almost forgot about this defensive suffrage. Because of this, after being elected, unworthy politicians seem to be guaranteed a tenure of "you can play for four years", and they can do whatever they want. Kaohsiung people are quite dissatisfied. "930,000 over 890,000" means that politics is definitely not a game of "you play for four years".
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omar faruk

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